What do we do? 

We invite people young and old, for a moment in time to transform themselves into a theatre company. They will collaborate with professional artists, puppeteers, authors and directors and the ingenious world of thier imaginations will get turned into original shows with creative scripts, set design and puppets.

Nominating each other as performers, narrator, set designer and director through a whirlwind of workshops and amusing creations, participants will have the chance to perform their shows on the world’s smallest theatre – an old Gypsy Caravan.

The Gypsy Caravan Theatre has traveled for 128 years and the stories of many folk have been told on its front steps. Like a modern day Black Beauty she has passed through the hands of many and been used for a great number of things. Today she is fulfilling her lifelong dream of being on stage, or perhaps we should say being the stage.

Be part of the magic that happens on the steps of a Gypsy Caravan.

Partners and Supporters : 1st Framework, Golden Bottle Trust, 3rd Thought Arts Collective, May Abdhalla and Amy Rose,  Edward Crouch, James Family 

Here is a little film of when two communities met on the steps of the Caravan to bring their stories to life..... 

One cold winters evening in a clearing in the woods an old Gypsy Caravan became a stage.....