Program - Dates and Events for April and May

  • Tuesday 24th April - Artist in Residence
  • Wednesday 25th April - Morningside Nursery and Morningside School - Visit 
  • Friday 27th April - Workshop - Morningside School - Golden Spys 
  • Monday 30th April - Women in Hackney Workshop 'Grandmothers'
  • Tuesday 1st May - Artist in Residence 
  • Monday 7th May - Women in Hackney Workshop 'Grandmothers'
  • Tuesday 8th May - Artist in Residence 
  • Wednesday 9th May - Milfields Primary School Year 5 Girls - Workshop and Performance 'Writing Girls into the heart of the story'
  • Friday 11th May - Morningside Primary School Golden Spys and Recycled Teengers - Workshop and Performance
  • Saturday 12th May - Make a show with your Grandparent - Open to the Public - Workshop and Performances 
  • Monday 14th May - Women in Hackney Workshop 'Grandmothers'
  • Tuesday 15th May - Artist in Residence 
  • Thursday 17th May - Women in Hackney evening Performance
  • Tuesday 22nd May - Pages of Hackney Poetry and Music evening event 
  • Wednesday 23rd May - Morningside Nursery and Morningside School - Workshop and Performances 
  • Thursday 24th May - Compassionate Neighbours St Josephs Hospice - Workshop and Performance 
  • Saturday 26th May - Make a Show with your Grandparent - Open to the Public - Workshop and Performances 
  • Sunday 27th May - Xenia - Workshop and Performances
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Intergenerational Workshops and Shows


We are delighted with our 6 week residency program at Sutton House. Caravan is arriving this week! The National Trust theme for the year is WOMEN and POWER so we hope to reflect this is all our work. By inviting participants to place women and girls at the heart of the narrative as well as working with women and girls of different ages. 

The project is however open to everyone.

To sign up for the Make a Show with Your Grandparents please email us at 


Just So Festival - a cocktail of stories, animals magic, and wild imaginations

Just So is a festival brimming with creativity. So many families took part in the journey of becoming a little theatre company, we were blown away by the stories that were brought to life and the confidence and 

Magical stories in The Lake District

The Gypsy Caravan Theatre arrived in the Lakes with no show to speak of.

 The families of Kendal Calling took part in the workshops and made beautiful, funny and creative shows that they performed on the little wagon stage. Despite the rain and mud imaginations were brought to life and Mum, Dads, Grandparents, Children, Friends and Carers surprised them selves in performed their little shows to the public. Hooray for them!! What a lovely weekend.

Our Summer Tour

We will be doing our first UK tour this summer. Inviting families to become theatre companies where they will take part in writing, creating and performing their own little shows on the wagon - all in the space of a day! Let the spontaneity begin!! 

Kendal Calling 27th - 30th July - LAKE DISTRICT

Just So Festival 18th - 20th August - CHESHIRE 

Ramsbottom Festival 15 - 18th September - MANCHESTER 


Sanding, scraping and a new roof

With the warmer weather and spring sunshine we have been spending our weekends scrapping off old paint and traditionally restoring the roof. We have had plenty of little paws to help us :)