We are on a journey of turning an old Gypsy Caravan into a travelling stage. With each project and small pot of funding we restore a little  more of the wagon. Re-canvas the roof, paint the wheels, restore woodwork and metal work,  remove and replace carvings and slowly build the exploding stage. It is a delicate and humbling process to work on something as old and as beautiful. With small steps we are reaching our goal of getting the caravan out in the public to be enjoyed by children and adults and to inspire the telling of stories creatively. 

Our Story

We are a  family of three and have collaborated on many artistic projects together.  Joe is a producer, programmer and musician. I, Clemmie am an artist and a community worker and have worked for over 6 years with Gypsy and Traveller families in London. We live with our daughter Tarka Rose in London.

Here are some of our project that we run: The Travelling Barn, Fire in the Mountain Festival, Theatre of Flowers, Cut a Shine, and various community art projects.